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Sat at this stand on Friday Night.
Beautiful evening, cool, dry and no bugs
but did not see any hogs.

Doe, (Probably Pregnant) below my hunting stand which is where I often am when I'm not fishing in Key West on the Southbound

I did see quite a few Deer,
(Deer season is over).
And a whole bunch of wild Turkeys, (Not Turkey Season Yet),
That’s the way it usually works

Beautiful Sunset in the Woods. Definitely not the waters of Key West, Florida

Sometimes just being out in the wilderness is worth the trip.
Fantastic sunset through the trees.
Not the usual sunset I’m used to seeing in Key West
Picture doesn’t really do it justice

Really bad weather makes us leave hunting camp and head for home in Key West, Florida a day early

We were supposed to stay until Monday, but it started raining very hard on Saturday night. We didn’t really feel like sitting in the cold rain on Sunday and besides we are bow hunting. It’s important to be able to track any animal we shoot. It can be very tough in dry conditions, but nearly impossible in the rain. We decided to pack it up a day early and I’m glad we did. Heavy rain all the way back to Key West.

The woods would have been no fun