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Back from the woods and
back out on the water
Caught a nice Black Grouper.
This would have easily been a “Keeper” if was a different
time of year, but Grouper is closed until May 1st
so we took a quick picture and let it go 🙁

Barracuda caugth and released in Key West fishing on charter boat Southbound
Released some Barracudas!

Yellowfin Grouper caught and released in Key West on charter fishing trip with Southbound Sportfishing
Caught another Grouper. This one is a Yellowfin Grouper.
Not common, and a close relative to the Black Grouper pictured above.
This one is also out of Season so again, it was a quick picture and we released it

Tasty Cero Mackerel caught on the reef fishing on charter boat Southbound
We could not keep the Groupers we caught,
but we did keep some tasty Cero Mackerel.
According to Wikipedia, the Cero ranges from Cape Cod to Brazil,
but I’ve never heard of any being caught  much above the
Florida Keys. Many of my customers are from Florida
and most have never heard of them until they got here.
In my opinion, they are the best eating of the inshore
Mackerel family, (not counting the “blue water cousin, the Wahoo). These are nice sized ones and there is a lot of meat on a Cero,
so we had plenty for a couple of meals