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Key West, Florida

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June 2002


Excellent Day Today!!

We Had to go almost 40 milesout,
but it was worth it to get some excellent fish !

Yellowfin Tuna off Key West

120 lb Yellowfin Tuna on 50lb. test!!

Big Bull Dolphin off Key West

Big Bull Dolphin!

Big Dolphin at the dock in Key West

A few more Good dolphin!


Key West Dolphin

The Day started slow, but we finished with a couple ofbig Dolphin!!


Excellent Day Today

Key West Dolphin

Nice Dolphin in the Boat

Key West Dolphin about to be Gaffed
dolphin about to be Gaffed

Key West Dolphin Gaffed

Mate Chris puts another nice Dolphin in the boat!

The end of a Great Day

Great Dolphin Fishing Today!!


Good Day Today!

Key West Barracuda

Released Some Big Barracudas

86 in. Sailfish in Key West

Released an 86 inch Sailfish!

The end of great day of fishing in Key West

And Caught some nice Kingfish, Dolphin and Bonitos!!


Good Action Today!

Bonitos are great action in Key West

The end of a Great Day in Key West

Kingfish, Dolphin, Barracudas and Bonitos !!


Half Day Today

Key West dolphin

Schoolie Dolphin

41 lb Wahoo in Key West

41 lb. Wahoo !!


Two Half Days Today

A good morning of fishing in Key West

Barracudas, Bonitos and dolphin in the morning

Big Key West Barracuda


Dolphin in Key West

And Dolphin in the afternoon

Two half days Today

Blackfin Tuna in Key West

Trophy Barracuda in Key West

Great action with Bonitos in Key West

Great Bonito action in Key West

Bonitos, Barracudas and a Tuna in theAfternoon

kingfish3.JPG (27121 bytes)

Barracudas are always fun in Key West

Kingfish, Barracudas and bonitos in theMorning


Two Half Days Today

Bull Dolphin in Key West

Big Bull Dolphin

Big bonito, little angler


Dolphin and Bonito at the Dock

Matching the size of the fish to the size of theangler

Lucky Child in Key West

Some Children are SO Lucky!!!

Happy Group in Key West

Bonitos and Barracudas = Great action


Good Day Today

Big Barracuda in Key West

Big Blackfin Tuna in Key West

Another good day in Key West

Lots of action with dolphin, bonitos, barracudas and anice Blackfin Tuna

Fishing was a bit slow today

Small Dolphin in Key West

Caught a few small dolphin offshore and released someBonitos inshore


Half Day Today

Dolphin fishing in Key West

Caught a few nice fish


Full Day Today

Dolphin and Bonito in Key West Florida

We fished inshore and it was quiet, but we’re goingoffshore with these same folks on Tues.
I’m hoping for better results


Full Day Today

Small dolphin in Key West Florida

The weather was absolutely Beatuiful, but fishingis a bit slow

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