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October is the month when the weather usually starts to change from our normal summer weather of hot and humid to cooler and dryer. Normally it’s in the 90’with 90% humidity in the summer. Hopefully, soon we will see the wind switch from southerly to a cooler more northerly direction. Before it does we usually get a few late-season dolphin offshore.

We headed offshore looking to see if there were any dolphin around. It has not been “busy” inshore lately. That should come when the weather changes, but for now, it is still hot, humid and it feels like dolphin weather.

We headed out deep and found a few fish. Nothing really big, just some nice schoolie sized fish. That is what you would normally expect this time of year. We did see some “Tuna Birds” but only got some very small bonitos and skipjacks under them. Those “pocket bonitos” because they are small enough to fit in your pocket.

We have not fished much in the last few weeks. September is traditionally a slow month and this year was no exception. I was in the boatyard for 2 weeks getting the deck refinished and a rudder fixed along with the usual TLC. But, while it’s not “gangbusters” October should be a busier month.

I’m looking forward to it. Late fall is a fun time of year to fish. As the weather cools, so does the water and that should push the baitfish, (ballyhoo) out to the reef. The predators at the top of the food chain know this and they come in close to feed. We usually stay in shallower water looking for Sailfish, Wahoo, Black Fin Tuna, King Mackerel and more. Between the good action in close, and the cooler weather it’s a time of year I really enjoy fishing. As the boat owner, I have to admit, I don’t mind not having the long “power runs” offshore. Maybe I’ll get to save a few bucks on fuel too.