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The Southbound had 2 trips today.

A 6 hr trip and a 4 hr trip. In the morning we had a group of 6 for a 6 hr trip. The weather was nice. The seas were 1-2 ft and it was sunny and warm. unfortunately, some of the groups did not fare well. I’m not sure if some “adult beverages” the night before had anything to do with it, but they were cool about it and didn’t complain or whine at all.

We fished the reef to make sure they got enough for a good dinner, then headed out deeper looking for Sailfish, kingfish, or Tuna. There was a beautiful color change shaping up to the west. A color change is where the eastbound blue water for the ocean meets the green inshore water. it can form an edge the is very pronounced. Most people think it is an indication of a change in-depth, but it is not. In extreme cases, I can troll down a color change with one outrigger bait in green water with 4 ft of visibility and the other outrigger bait is in purple/blue water with 100 ft of visibility. It is pretty cool to see and can be a great place to find fish. They travel along the edge going from east to west most of the time.

Conditions looked right and I really expected to see a good fish pop up on our baits. But all we got was a couple more Cero mackerel. it was time to go home. It was a bit dissapointing to both my mate and me. It looked too good. A couple of the customers were probably happy to head in and glad it was not a full-day trip.

In the afternoon

I had 2 guys. One had fished here before and one had not. They wanted a “Big” fish. Not reef action. We were going to be out until sunset, so we decided to try for Black Fin Tuna.

There is a sunken Submarine about 14 miles South West of Key West.

I don’t know how it got there or why it sunk. It was there 40 years ago. What I do know,  is that it can hold a lot of fish. It is about 3/4 of a mile outside the end of Boca Grande Bar. The bar is the secondary outer reef. it is not as shallow or as consistent as the main reef. There are places it ends and one of those is south of Boca Grande key. it too can be a very good place to find fish. Between the two, it can be a very productive area. If there were going to be any Black Fin Tuna around, that is where they would be.

Black Fin Tuna usually bite early in the morning and just before sunset. This afternoon’s trip was from 2:30-6″30 pm. Perfect to put ourselves in position for the “sunset” tuna bite. The “Sub” is a long way for a 4 hr trip, but we’ve been fishing the reef a lot lately so I figured it would be nice to get offshore and cover some ground.

Our first couple of bites

were bonitos. They are related to the Black Fin Tuna. They fight hard like a Black Fin but they don’t taste like a Black Fin. IF I was on a deserted island and starving, I would eat Bonito. But I am not so I won’t. The do make great bait for sharks, Yellowtail Snapper, and other bottom fish.

We worked our way to the area around the “Sub” and the end of Boca Grande Bar Just as the sun was getting low. We started getting some good bites. In the end, we had 5 Bonitos and 3 nice Black Fins before it was time to go home.

Sunset on the Southbound heading in from fishing

Beautiful Sunset in Key West, Florida


We got to enjoy a great sunset as well as a good afternoon of fishing, but it was a long day of fishing. We started at 7 am and got back to the dock at 6:30 pm