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There is a saying in this business,

“it’s called fishing, not catching”.  To be honest, I don’t like fishing, I like catching. Unfortunately, while many days are good fishing, not all of them are good catching. Today was a good day of fishing. It was calm and comfortable. We did have a front approaching, but it didn’t come through the area until let in the evening and didn’t impact our day. There was some rain in the morning, but while Key West got a downpour, we only got a sprinkle offshore. We spent the morning out deep looking for Dolphin, Wahoo, Tuna and possible a Sailfish. It looked like a good day to go hunting for those fish.

As I mentioned, it was a good day for fishing,

but it was not a good day for catching. We went out deep and we went a long way, but never had a bite offshore. I got as deep as 700 ft of water. No weed to work. No debris to work and on rips to be found. It looked kind of dead offshore. I worked back to the north and over a couple of wrecks. The first two never produced a strike. Finally, on the 3 rd one, we caught a nice barracuda and a couple of bonitos. We went a long way for a few fish and the day was half over.

I don’t like to “radio fish”.

I would rather find my own fish, but somedays, the VHF can give you an idea of what the other boats are doing. Today, nobody was doing much. The boat that went offshore as we did were not catching much and were working their way back inshore, (like we did) The boats that were inshore were not doing much and were starting to work their way up on the reef. Surprisingly, (not), the boats that were fishing the reef were struggling too and most were heading offshore to try something different. Nothing was working anywhere and everyone kept trying “other” things to try to get something going.

All the Captians I know

want to catch people fish and if their “plan A” isn’t working we will all go to “plan B”. If that doesn’t work, We will go “plan C” & “D” & “E”, “F”……… We will try as many “plans” as time allows. Today, none of it was working.

After offshore did not work and inshore didn’t work,

we went up on the reef looking for bites. Even that was not “busy”. We caught a few barracudas, Some Jacks, some short Yellowtails snapper and some Jacks. It was fun, but not really the fish we were looking for.

The cold front that is approaching the keys

does cause a change in the barometer. Maybe that was it. It did not affect where we fished, so I’m hesitant to blame it on that. Hell, I’m hesitant to blame it on anything. We just went a long way for a few fish. It was just a tough day of fishing. It was a pretty day, My customers had fun and enjoyed themselves but the “catching ” wasn’t much. The weather is supposed to be a bit Sporty tomorrow as the Cold Front comes through. It may make it tough fishing again, but it does not look like a strong front and by Sunday or Monday, I think fishing will improve. Time will tell