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This was the view

while sitting in a tree stand on the last morning of my hunting trip this week. Just sitting there in the woods and watching the world wake up was fantastic. It’s been dry up there, so the bugs were not an issue. The temperature was in the 60’s so it was very comfortable. Sometimes, I wonder about my sanity because I picked a “hobby” that requires me to get up earlier than I do for a fishing trip. I normally get up at 5 am. I got up at 4 to go sit in the woods. If you’ve never done it, you probably don’t understand, but it’s beautiful. It makes you appreciate being alive.

200lb Sow shot by Capt. Craig Jiovani

I never saw a hog this trip.

My good friend Crag Jiovani did get a big sow with a rifle one night. I was hunting with a bow, which is much tougher, but if you don’t see anything to shoot, it doesn’t really matter. I could have been armed with a slingshot and gotten the same results. I’m glad for Craig to finally recover a hog, and this one was a good one. Right at 200 lbs. He was up a few months ago and hit two hogs with a crossbow, but we didn’t recover either. I know he was frustrated and upset with himself. You never want to wound an animal and make it suffer. That is not what hunting is about. This time, he dropped it where it stood. We’ll be grinding up some sausage in the next day or two!


Playtime is over

Time to head back to the real world, (if you can call Key West that) and go fishing