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Key West, Florida

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March 2001


Excellent Day Today !

Lots of action

Blackfin Tuna off Key West Florida

Blackfin Tuna

Blackfin Tuna off Key West Florida

Blackfin Tuna

Early Season Dolphin in Key West Florida

Bull Dolphin

Key West Dolphin

Blackfin Tuna off Key West Florida

Blackfin Tuna

Another Great Day in Key West Florida

The End of a Great Day!!!


Lots of Action Today !

Key West Bonito


Fighting A big Fish in Key West

Fighting A Blackfin Tuna on 20 spinning tackle

Blackfin Tuna in Key West Florida

Nice Blackfin in the Boat!!

Another Great Day of Fishing in Key West Florida

The End of another Great Day !!!


Cobias in Key West

Couple Bonitos and a couple of Cobias today,
and we lost a Sailfish


Double Half Days Today

Great Morning of Fishing in Key West, Florida

Tuna, Kingfish and a Cobia in the Morning

Key West Barracudas

Key West Barracuda

Barracudas and Gray Snappers in the afternoon


Not a lot of fish today,
But a couple of good ones.

Missed one Sailfish and saw one other,but we didn’t catch any today.
We did managed to catch a couple of big Cobias

Cobia on spinning tackle in Key West

53 lb. Cobia near the boat

45 lb. Cobia & 53 lb. Cobia in Key West, Florida

45 lb. Cobia           53 lb. Cobia

The end of the Day of Fishing in Key West, Florida

and a kingfish too !


Good Day Today
It started Slow, but we finished strong.

Fighting A big Cobia

Hooked a nice cobia on 20 lb. spinning tackle.
Cobia’s are deceiving in the water
It doesn’t look that big, does it?

Cobia at the Gaff in Key West

Mate Brice gets ready to Gaff the Cobia.
It looks bigger, but not real big.

59 lb. Cobia

Back at the Dock it weighed 59 lbs.

Sailfish Key West !!

And We hooked 3 Sailfish and  Caught and Released2 of them.


Shark Fishing Today !

Key West Shark Fishing

One Blacktip Shark near the boat !

Key West Shark Fishing

Another Blacktip Close to the Boat

Celebrating the end of a Great Day of fishing in Key West

Happy Customers Celebrate on the way back to the Dock !



Bonitos and a Cobia today !


Another Great Day!

Sunny, Warm and Calm Seas And Good FishingToo!

Another Great Day of Fishing in Key West, Florida

Blackfin Tuna, Bonito & King Mackerel on 20lb. Spinning tackle


Great Day Today !

The Fishing was excellent, but weearned what we caught.
The winds were 20 kts and the seas were rough,
Fortunately, when the fishing is good you don’t notice the waves as much.

59 lb. King Mackerel

49 lb. King Mackerel on 20 lb. spinning tackle

Big Kingfish and Blackfin Tunas

King Mackerel and Blackfin Tuna


Had 2 Halfday Trips Today


Sailfish in Key West, Florida

Sailfish caught and released !

Kingfish in Key West, Florida

Nice Kingfish


Big Kingfish in Key West, Florida

Big Kingfish on the gaff

Kingfish on the Gaff in Key West, Florida
Big King coming in the boat!

Everybody's catching Kingfish

The end of another great day!


24 lb. Blackfin Tuna caught on 20 lb. spinning tackle off Key West Florida

24 lb. Blackfin put up a great fight
on 20 lb. spinning tackle !

Great fishing on calm, beautiful day in Key West, Florida

Big Bonito are great fun to catch!

The end of a Great Day of fishing, Key West, Florida

Tuna, Bonito and King Mackerel,

The end of another GreatDay !


Big Kingfish caught near Key West, Florida

Big King Mackerel !


Fishing off Key West Florida

Bonito on spinning tackle off Key West, Florida

Blackfin Tuna caught off Key West

Bonitos and Tuna on light tackle !


Reef action in Key West

Reef Action


Pat & Jack.JPG (11162 bytes)


Blackfin Tunas and BonitosToday

27 lb. Blackfin Tuna

27 lb. Blackfin Tuna

Silky Shark

Silky Shark

Blackfin Tuna

Blackfin Tuna

The End of another Good Day!

The End of A Great Day!


4 Ft Barracuda

4 ft Barracuda

The End of the day

Barracuda, Bonitos and a Tuna


A couple of 30+ lb. Key West Amberjacks

Amberjacks on the Wreck Today!


No Trip Today
High Winds, 25kts, causing very rough seas
(But at least it’s Sunny and Warm.)


No Trip Today

Took The Day Off:)


Kingfish were Biting Today!

Big King Mackerel at the Gaff

Big King at the Gaff

30 lb. Kingfish in Key West

30 lb. Kingfish

A Good Day of Kingfishing in Key West, Florida

Another Great Day!

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