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The Guys I had on the boat today have fished with me before. They are fishermen and hunters and understand you don’t always get what you want. We decided to go far west looking for live bait to try to catch some Sailfish. I told them it was a bit of a crap shoot in the beginning and we could play is safe and go for Yellow Tail Snapper for dinner. Their response was to go for the big fish. We did see one sailfish chasing bait on the reef, but never had a shot at it. We did get some barracudas around Cosgrove Shoal light house which is about 25 miles from Key West. Other than that we got a couple of Mackerel for dinner. We went a long way, saw a lot of weed lines, some beautiful blue water, but not a lot of bites. There is a cold front coming this week. It’s been beautiful all week, but to be honest, it’s too early to be this hot. The fish are not ready for it and neither am I. Hopefully the cold front will shake things up a bit. I’ll keep you postedA few fish for dinner in Key West Florida