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2 Trips Today

Morning trip a 6hr trip and Mother Nature was amazing. Weather and the water were beautiful. Clear, sunny and calm with well over 50 ft. visibility in the water. Every rock on the bottom was visible. This is not great for fishing even though it does make for a beautiful ride. We went to one of the wrecks just looking for bites. The wrecks they have been very good lately, but surprisingly it was very slow. We never had a bite.  I trolled around for a little bit, but not much was happening in that area, so we picked up and ran a few miles to the west. I’m glad I did. We started on one of the reefs and got a few bites fairly quickly. After that, we moved to the outer bar, (deeper secondary reef) and had good action.

Barracud caught and released in Key West fishing on Key West Charter fishing boat Southbound Barracud caught and released in Key West fishing with Southbound Sportfishing The Barracudas were snapping,

They have been easy lately. Barracudas are not good eating fish. They are great fun to catch and make impressive trophies. We release all barracudas so we can catch them again another day.

Big Black Grouper Released in Key West fishing on charter boat Southbound We did release 2 Black Groupers.

The first one was small, and would not have been legal if they were in season, (Season closed from Jan1st – May 1st.) This one was easily a legal fish. It was a heart breaker to let it go.  Somewhere, it is still swimming in the ocean. Maybe I’ll get back there in a few weeks when season is open and we’ll meet again.
Yellow Tail Snapper caught in Key West on charter Fishing boat Southbound In the afternoon,
We needed to find protected waters so we went looking for Yellow Tail Snapper. The first spot I went had a lot of current but no fish. The Second spot I went to had no current and small fish. The third spot was pretty good, we got some keeper Yellow Tail snapper for dinner. We had plenty of action and lost a shark. The shark was on very light spinning tackle without a wire leader. We should have lost him right away, but we had him on for about 10 minutes right at the end of the day. It was very calm where we were, but it breezed up on the way home as a cold front passed through the area. Tomorrow should be windy and cooler