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2 Trips Today

The first trip was a father and son from up in the cold north. The reef action was pretty good, Mostly Barracudas, but we put out the light spinning tackle to make it challenging and had some fun. Big Barracuda on light spinning tackle caught and released in Key West

The Second Trip

was some familiar faces. Two friends and some of their neighbors from up north. The wind was out of the South East so the Atlantic side was going to be the rough side. We decided to take our chances in the Gulf of Mexico. That’s one of the advantages we have down here in Key West, We can fish the Gulf or the Atlantic. Both are a short run, so if it’s rough on one side, we can go on the other. Going to the Gulf today was taking a bit of a chance because we had a fairly strong cold front come through the area late Tuesday and Wednesday. It brought strong cold winds from the north and that tends to muddy up the nearshore waters. If it gets too muddy, it’s not good for the fishing.

It was borderline when we got out to the Gulf, but the tide was running out and that brought clearer water from the north. We didn’t get any bites trolling so we decided to anchor up and bottom fish. The first fish we tried to bring in was a nice Lane Snapper. Or perhaps I should say, half of a nice Lane Snapper. We knew we had some predators around so we took the next Lane Snapper we caught, this one was whole and put it back out live for bait. It lasted about 5 seconds before we had our first King Mackerel on.

King Mackerel caught in Key West fishing on charter boat Southbound

We ended up with 4 nice Kingfish.

The biggest one was about 22lbs. We lost, what we believe was a shark right at the end of the day. All the fish were caught on 20lb spinning tackle, which makes it really fun.