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The Southbound

 had a half-day trip today, but I can’t tell you what we caught, because I was not there. I decided to take a few days off at my hunting camp up in south-central Florida. Captain Craig Giovani who until very recently was the owner of the Grandslam is up here with me. Starting off his “retirement” the right way.

Capt  Jay Weed

who was the original captain on the boat when it was first built by John Blackwell back in 1980, was the captain today and will be for the next couple of days while I’m gone.

Back then the boat

was called the “Carol“, named after Johnny’s wife. I know it’s considered bad luck to change the name of a boat, but so far the boat under the name Southbound has been very good to me. 

Sunrise through the fog and the oaks at my hunting camp

I didn’t see any pigs

last night, I had a few deer come in, but that’s ok, it was a beautiful night to sit in a tree stand and just relax.