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Starting to feel really “snake bit” lately. We were offshore dolphin fishing today and we missed another Blue Marlin. Actually, I shouldn’t say we missed. We definitely hooked it. Unfortunately, it also “chewed” through the leader. It made a couple of jumps and flips then started “greyhounding” away from the boat. It was a beautiful sight to see, but somewhere along the way, the leader parted.

Nobody did anything wrong. The mate gave it a good drop back. The angler was keeping the line tight. Everything was going the way it should we just didn’t get the fish. This is the second Blue Marlin we have had this week and the second one to go through the leader. We are using 80lb mono. I’m guessing we will go heavier on our next trip offshore. We’ve already had more shots at blue marlin this year than I’ve had in the last two, so we have to make them count. These are the kind of fish that we live for. They are amazing to see and incredibly powerful. I just need to get one to the boat.

We did get a few dolphins offshore and had a few tuna bites. To be honest the best of the dolphin fishing was inshore of me. I guess I overran them a bit. I would regret it except that we had a shot at the Blue Marlin. That, by itself, makes it worth being out deep. Hopefully, I get out to the drop off soon. I’m itching to “get even” with the fish we lost. Both my mate and I need to “redeem” ourselves.

Both Blue Marlin ate small ballyhoo baits. You would think a marlin would go for the biggest bait we had out, but in both cases, we had a couple of small baits out because we were seeing some tuna in the area. The Marlin both ate the small baits and passed up bigger baits we had out. Go figure?!