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Today we didn’t have one main species of fish

we were catching. Instead, we had a mixed bag of great fishing. We missed a couple of Wahoos yesterday inshore so I decided to start in that same area today. I’m glad I did! We were only trolling for a few minutes when we got covered up with Mahi. (“covered up” means every line had a fish on it). There were only 2 anglers on board and 5 fish on, so it was a bit of bedlam for a few minutes. We ended up catching 4 out of the 5 dolphin. Sometimes if you leave them out there too long without winding, they will get off. It was a great start anyway. We had only been fishing for 10 minutes and we had dinner in the boat.

Yesterday, we caught a sailfish

and missed a couple of Wahoo in this area before heading south looking for Dolphin. The wind was a different direction, so I wanted to catch a few fish before we went south just to be on the safe side. Just because the dolphin fishing was great yesterday didn’t mean there would be any out there today. Best to put a couple of fish in the boat first. When we started catching dolphin inshore, it made me think we might not need to run out deep. That would give us more fishing time and I like that!

As I said, we were looking for Wahoo

and they like a fast trolling speed. After we got the dolphin in the boat and got the lines back out, we only trolled a short distance when the downrigger went off, (that’s a line that is trolled under the water about 30 ft). The line was screaming out very fast, typically the way a Wahoo runs.

One of our surface lines also had a bite.

Unfortunately, we had a monofilament leader and the fish that bit was another wahoo, (we saw this one). Wahoo have razor-sharp teeth so it just bit the hook off.  But seeing that fish, made me more confident the fish we had on the downrigger was also a wahoo. Not uncommon for them to bite in pairs or groups. When they do, it’s called a “wolf pack”. The first fish on the downrigger turned out to be a wahoo as expected. The fish was about 30 lbs. It was turning out to be another great day!

We continued to troll up and down the same area.

Probably about a mile from end to end. We hooked and lost two more good fish on the downrigger. Probably Wahoos from the way they ran and shook their heads, but truthfully, we didn’t see them so we can’t be sure. I was getting ready to move on to other areas when the downrigger went off again and we got another wahoo. This one was about 25 lbs. Another great fish!

Time was getting short

and I worked the area for about another hour without any more bites and decided to move on to other areas. We headed out a little deeper and hooked a couple of Black Fin Tuna and finished with another Mahi.

We did have another Sailfish on briefly,

but unfortunately, it jumped off. It was probably my fault. I will occasionally run a line from the bridge. It lets us put out one more bait without adding too much to my mates workload. He has to rig it and bait it, but I take care of the rest. Because I have to keep looking forward to see where we are going and to avoid any lobster traps or other floating objects, I can’t watch my bait all the time. Naturally, that’s when the Sailfish hit.


We didn’t have as many fish as yesterday,

but we had fewer anglers and some quality, bigger fish. Also more variety. It was definitely a mixed bag of Great fishing! The weather was spectacular again so it was another great day!