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Still beautiful weather

and still beautiful blue water offshore. We are having to work for it a bit, but we are caught more Mahi-Mahi again today. There is a lot of scattered weed and too many “throwback ” dolphin, but if you work it you can come up with a decent catch. Yesterday we were out to 1,000 ft of water and we only caught 7 “keepers”. Today we only had a half day so we had to keep it close to Key West. There was still a lot of scattered weed and a few “working” birds, but I think there were more fish caught in close to the reef than out deep near the dropoff.

The inshore water is getting warmer.

It was up to 82 degrees today. There current inshore has slacked up and that means the water will get stagnant and bake in the tropical sun. I’ve seen the temperature get as high as 92 inshore. That’s a great temperature for a bathtub, but way too warm for the ocean. Even in the tropics. We need some rain. The rain itself won’t cool the ocean too much, but the cloud cover and wind that comes with it can help. ‘

The offshore water does not have the “smoking” East current

it had a week or so ago, but it is still moving and it should help keep the water temperature from getting too hot. Even though you can’t see it on the calm days, and it has been calm, when there is current, the water is turning over as it moves. That helps keep the surface from getting too hot. Too hot is not good for fishing so I hope the current stays around or even picks up again. it should translate into more Mahi-mahi.

We ended up with 9 keepers today.

That’s a couple more than yesterday on a full day, so my customers were happy. I don’t have any full days coming up this week. I was hoping to get out deep and get another shot at a marlin. We’ve had some tough luck so far and my mate and I are looking to redeem ourselves. Hopefully soon