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The wind picked up again today. It blew pretty good 2 days ago and then dropped off yesterday. This morning it had breezed up again. Nothing crazy, but enough to make it 3-4 ft seas. Sometimes you get more wind and a bit bigger fish and today was one of those days.

There were not as many fish around, but the ones we caught were a nicer size. The east current has also dropped off and that’s not good. The current moves the water, weed, and debris through the area. It “renews” the ocean we are fishing every day. So a strong current, even though it would make it a lot rougher, is good for the fishing. The moon is just about full, so that may be having an effect on the fishing. Strong tides caused by the moon can pull the current offshore or push it in close. Exactly how, I’m not sure, but the moon does affect the current.

We are not finding a lot of debris the last couple weeks. Normally this time of year, you would find a couple of pieces of wood or other things floating. Usually, they hold fish if they have been in the water for a while. We did find a couple of pieces of plastic floating the other day and got some fish on them. When something floats on the ocean, it will eventually grow barnacles and algae. Small critters come to feed off the algae, such as crabs, shrimp, etc. Small fish hang around the debris to eat the small critters and to use it as protection from bigger fish. Bigger fish, in turn, hang around the debris to eat the smaller fish. It can be an ecosystem unto itself.

We should be finding much more debris. There have been some terrible flooding along the Mississippi River. Tons of trees and debris has been washed out into the Gulf of Mexico. I don’t know where it is, but it has not passed through this area. Maybe it will eventually drift by. When it does there should be a lot of fish on it. I guess we’ll see.

We ended up with about half a dozen “Schoolie” sized fish today and we threw back at least another dozen. Not a record-setting day, but enough fish to have fun and send my customers home with a good bit for dinner