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I was looking forward to the week before Christmas this year.

I was booked just about every day. Usually, that is a slow week and most of the boats spend the time getting ready for the week between Christmas and New Years’ day. Normally that is the busiest week of the year. So being booked up was a good thing. It was a tough fall and the idea of keeping busy and a pre-Christmas “shot of revenue” all sounded like it was going to be a great week. Unfortunately, Mother Nature has no Holiday spirit.

The rain started to fall

and the wind started to blow on Thursday before Christmas. We had 3 days of torrential rain and 20+ winds. Not great fishing weather.

I have fished in worse

and truthfully, we could have gotten the trips in if the customers wanted to. Some people are diehard and it is the only day they have to fish, they want to go. But I try to treat my customers like I wanted to be treated. My “cancellation policy” is if it is blowing 20mph or more, cancelling is no problem. Again, I can and have fished in worse weather and caught some great fish. But when you add in the driving rain and the fact the fishing hasn’t been red hot, when my customers didn’t want to go, I made no attempt to make them.

I’m in this for the long term.

I want people to come back and all the customers that canceled were repeating customers. Making them go because you have their money is short term thinking. I would rather give them a refund now so they have the money AND the desire to fish with me next time they are in Key West. My repeat customer base is pretty good so it seems to be working.

We sat in for 5 days in total.

It was windy every day and very rainy all but the last one. I wish I could say I got a lot done, but besides straightening up around the house a bit, it was too wet to do anything on the boat or around the yard. Lots of boring daytime television and talking to my cat, (and she is not a very good conversationalist).

Mother Nature is part of the job.

After over 30 yrs fishing, I am well aware you can’t do anything about it.  The weather is just something you have to deal with. Things are finally supposed to clear up on Christmas Eve. I hope so. I am not used to being on dry land this long.