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Still catching some decent fish offshore of Key West.

The Sargassum weed we had to deal with and complain about through the spring and early part of the summer is gone. Just a few scraps around. Without the weedlines to fish, we have to look for other indications of fish such as birds or debris. Sometimes it’s easy and some days, those “signs of fish” are hard to come by too. We caught a nice dolphin today and it really wasn’t “on” anything. It was “just out of the blue” as we say. Sometimes fish are traveling through the area and you just get lucky and get in front of one.

It was not red hot fishing again,

but it was worth being offshore. Most of the better fish are still offshore and out of a half-day range. The boat fishing half-days are catching mostly bonitos and barracudas with a few Black Fin Tuna showing up mixed in with the Bonitos. Both bonitos and Barracudas are fun to catch, and Black Fin Tuna are both fun to catch and delicious to eat. Not many dolphins being caught inshore, however.

We ended up with 5 nice dolphin today,

Our biggest fish was actually a cow, (female) dolphin close to 20lbs. As I mentioned, we were not “on” anything. We were just looking around for something holding fish. By the end of the day, we had 5 nice dolphin in the box.    In some fish species, the female is larger than the male, but now with Dolphin. The males can get much larger and generally bull harder. The biggest “cow” dolphin I’ve ever seen was a 36 lb fish. My biggest Bull dolphin was 56lbs and I have seen others in the 60lb range. There was an 88lb fish caught off Key West a few years back. That is the largest dolphin I have ever seen. Truly a “fish of a lifetime”.