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January 8th-10th, 2019

No fishing for a couple days

Took a quick trip to my hunting camp up in Glades County. Saw a lot of hogs and hit 2, but lost the trail and did not recover either. Hate to shoot something and not use it, but fortunately, a dead hog is good for the environment even if you don’t recover it. Weather was spectacular, but a bit chilly for someone that has been living the tropical life for almost 40 yrs. Still had a great time.

View from Hunting stand when I"m not out fishing on charter boat Southbound

This is the view in the morning from one of my tree stands.

Didn’t get a shot at a Hog this morning. Saw a big one, but he scented me and took off.

Watched a small heard of deer for about an hour. Spectacular morning.

Visitor to my hunting camp when I"m not out on Charter fishing trip 

Had a visitor for dinner. Raccoons and Possums are common around the camp.

Moring temp at the hunting camp

Now I know I’m not going to get much sympathy, actually, probably none at all, but after being in Key West for almost 40 yrs, (which in itself is amazing), 40 degrees is pretty cold by my standards. Glad it’s only a once or twice a year thing so I can enjoy it. I would not want to have to deal with it or lower temps on a regular basis.

Yea, I know………I’m spoiled