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We have been catching fish every day.

There has been good action with small dolphin and jacks and enough “keeper” fish to make people happy. By the end of the trip, we have had enough action to make the “fun” factor where it should be and enough fish for people to take home for some great fish dinners.

We had a great day with these guys on Thursday.

My mate, Paul took the day off on Thursday. Local fishing mate, Steve Liberatore was filling in for him. Paul has been working in the sun in temperatures close to 100′. After 4 or 5 days, I don’t begrudge Paul a day off. The heat gets to me and the mate works much harder than the Captain. But the fishing was great on Thursday. Not the kind of day a mate wants to miss. It is the kind of day that makes us keep doing this job.  We had non stop action and a 47lb bull dolphin.  It was going to be a “tough act to follow” today.

We ran out to about 600 ft of water

and found a nice Sargasso weed line. I started working west and started catching fish immediately. We had 3 fish in the boat before we could get the outriggers down and all the lines out. It didn’t stop from there. The action was non-stop as I went west. It was a mix of “keepers” and “throwbacks”. My guys didn’t care. They were constantly catching fish and putting some in the fish box pretty steady. They were having a great time

By the end of the day,

we had non-stop action, close to 30 keepers and a Black Fin Tuna. They did not get another really big fish like the 47 lb Bull Dolphin on Thursday, but those kind of dolphin are few and far between. In the end, we had more “keepers” than we had on Thursday. When we started the day I told my mate Paul catching anywhere close to what we caught on Thursday was going to be a challenge. I’d say Paul met that challenge and my customers agreed