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The Summer is over and the reef fishing should start to get better as the inshore water cools

Dolphin fishing seems to be mostly over for this year. We have not had any blue water offshore and no East current. Both of those are desirable for catching dolphin. For now, the best action is inshore along the edge of the reef and the outer bar. Mostly it’s just action. Barracudas, Bonitos and a few Mackerels. It is not epic fishing, but there is enough action most days to make everybody happy. Over the next few weeks, we should see the weather and the water start to cool down. Usually, by October we are clear of Hurricane season and looking for Cold Fronts to start pushing south. Once we start getting the cold fronts, the reef action gets very good. I’m looking forward to it. Both the action and the cooler weather. I still have availability for my Sportfishing Vacation Specials. Get free accommodations when you book multiple fishing trips

Barracuda are fun on Light tackle

While they are not “table fare” Barracudas provide great fishing action along the Reef

Early King Mackerel

Nice King Mackerel caught inshore along the Reef

Lots of action and lots of fun along the Reef

Barracudas provide great action along the Reef and even deeper