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Photos from Sept. 2020

Here are some pictures form Sept 2020. There were still some Mahi around early in the month, but as time went on the offshore fishing got a little more “hit or miss”. That is normal this time of year. Alot depends on the wind direction, the air temperature and the location of the Gulfstream. It moves in and out and, while it is usually rougher when it’s in close, it is better for the fishing. Sept is usually a slower month and the hight of Hurricane season. I was not looking forward to Hurricane season this year especially with it being 2020. A year none of us will ever forget. Thankfully, so far the storms and gone elsewhere


Offshore fishing today

Sept. 1st – Went offshore and caught some Mahi and a Wahoo today

Sept 4th – Afternoon Half day today. Still managed to catch a few dolphin for dinner!

Sept. 5th – Shark fishing Today. released one Hammerhead and 5 Lemon Sharks. Caught 2 Trophy Barracudas

Sept. 18th – Still a few mahi around

Sept 23rd – Fished the reef and got our limit on Yellowtail Snapper!

Sept. 24th. Released some big Barracuda today