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To be honest, the last couple of trips have been tough. Not a lot of fish or bites. Today was one of those days. On the bright side, we did catch and release a Sailfish. On the “not so Bright” side that was all we caught.

It was windy, It was rough and it was slow. Probably not what I should put in a fishing report, but I have always posted the truth and I’m not going to stop now. Some would say it is not “good business” but being honest has been working so far so I think I will stick with it.

Any day you catch a Sailfish is a good day. Even if that is the only fish you catch. Sailfish are special. They are at the top of the food chain and a top predator. A sailfish is one of the fastest fish in the ocean. They can move incredibly fast when they want to. Their speed is amazing. so some days, you just have to be happy with that one outstanding fish. That was today. Naturally, I would much rather have caught your basic “crap-load” of fish. But we didn’t and neither did any of the other boats I know of.

Fishing may have been tough, but at least the weather was bad. It was very windy and some rain. It made for rough seas and not the nicest fishing day. But that is fishing. Everyone wants that calm day where the fish are competing with each other to eat the bait. Unfortunately, Mother Nature doesn’t take requests. She will dish out whatever weather and conditions she wishes and we just have to deal with it.

I’ve had rougher days and I have had days, where the only fish caught, was nothing as impressive as a Sailfish. If you haven’t, then you don’t fish very often. It’s just part of the game. We are not booked again until Wednesday, hopefully, conditions and fishing will improve by then. I’ll keep you posted