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Key West, Florida

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Sept. – 2005

Nov 30th, 2005

Black Fin Tuna Today

Nov 20th, 2005

Mostly Tuna Today

School of Tuna feeding on the surface



Nov 18th, 2005

Slow fishing today

Released a barracuda, caught a mackerel and missed a Sailfish

Nov 17th, 2005

Some nice Wahoos Today

30 lb. Wahoo

We found this young Broadwing Hawk 8 miles offshore in the water. Not where he’s supposed to be, as these birds don’t swim. We weren’t sure if he was injured or just exhausted, but it didn’t look like he was going to be able to fly off, so we scooped him up in the bait net and turned him over to Wild Life Rescue at the dock.

Nov 16th, 2005

Good Tuna Fishing Today

Nov 12th, 2005

Nov 11th, 2005

Sailfish !

Oct. 24th, 2005

No Fishing today thanks to
Hurricane Wilma

After waiting for days for it’s arrival Hurricane Wilma blasted Key West early Monday Morning.
A Storm that was predicted to decrease to a Category 1 storm before hitting Key West actually increased to a Category 3 storm instead. Stronger winds than I’ve ever seen in my 24+ years in Key West did some damage, but the real culprit was the storm surge that occurred on the back side of the storm. It caught most of the slanders off guard, myself included. I was fortunate, No damage to my house, my truck or the Southbound, but a great many people had their houses flooded and their vehicles destroyed by water
below are a few pictures I took .

Once it was daylight and the winds subsided to about 45 mph, my first thought was to check the Southbound to see if it was OK.
the roads were impassable by car, so starting at Bay View Park on Truman Ave, I waded about 1/4 mile to the marina. In this picture, I’m on my way back from the boat. I’m in the water furthest from the camera. The deepest water was up to my chest and the water  in the parking lot at the boat was about 3 ft.

Most of the businesses along North Roosevelt Blvd had flooding damage. The top picture is Key Plaza ( Where K-mart is located) and the bottom picture is Sears Town shopping plaza. Both of these pictures were taken AFTER all the water I was wading through in the first picture had receded.

Don’t know where this chair came from but I just thought it was ironic that Wilma could destroy docks and piers, rip up metal roofs and knock down large trees and still gently place this chair in the middle of Margaret St, down by the Turtle Kraals

Lots of Trees came down, winds of 120 mph will tend to do that.
The top picture is over on Atlantic Blvd and the bottom one is on Duval St.

Not a good parking spot

Oct. 7th, 2005

Oct. 5th, 2005

Sept. 29th, 2005

Sept. 18th, 2005

Ladies Day Today!!

And we caught 3 Sailfish!!

Sept. 17th, 2005

Good Day Today !
Caught some sharks

And Two Sailfish

Fighting a Sailfish on light tackle
(20lb spinning tackle)

Sept. 9th, 2005

Half Day Today

Released a big Barracuda!

And A couple of Sailfish!

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