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I had a split charter today

Most of the time, I don’t do many of them. A split charter is where you sign on by the person and we find others to share the boat with you. If you only have a limited budget or one or two people, it is an appreciable saving. But if you have 3 people, you are usually better with a private charter.  Most of my customers want private charters and honestly, I recommend private charters if at all possible.

We had a 6 hr trip.

I like the 6 hr trip this time of year. It gives me enough time to fish the blue water and cover some ground. Or go to the reef and get some live bait for plenty of action. Depending on the customer’s preference. Because I had a split charter today, you have to make all the groups involved catch fish. Nobody wants to watch someone they don’t know and may never see again catch a great fish without catching one for themselves. So we usually go for bites to start with.

Going for Bites

Basically means going on the reef this time of year. Fishing the reef has been pretty active, especially if you stop and catch some live bait. We catch live bait whenever possible and that’s what we did today.  The bait was relatively easy, which is good. As soon as we started slow trolling, we started getting bites from Cero mackerel and Yellowtail Snapper. Gotta’ love the live bait. It’s not a guarantee, but if anyone is going to catch fish, it’s usually the guy with live bait…..for some species. There are certain fish I prefer to troll for, but not today.

We got plenty of action on the Reef and decided to move out a little deeper tor the end of the last hour of the trip. It didn’t take long before we hooked a couple of Kingfish. We lost one at the boat, but put a nice one in the boat. All in all a fine day