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We are still catching Dolphin, but it is slowing down a bit. The weather is actually getting nicer. The wind has dropped off so instead of the of 6-8 ft seas we had last week, today the seas were only about 1-2. Much less bouncing around. Unfortunately, as I have always said, calm seas are good for the fishermen, not for the fishing. We need some waves to keep the fish biting. I think the fishing will slow down if the wind keeps dropping. I hope I’m wrong.

We started off on the color change. I was hoping to get a shot at a sailfish. We caught a couple of bonitos, including one that was 16 lb. That is big for a bonito. They are a strong fighting fish and this one put up a great fight.

After fishing the color change for a while, we headed offshore looking for Dolphin. I didn’t want to stay inshore too long. I leave earlier than most boats. I’d rather not follow. But if I lingered on the color change too long, I would be behind too many boats for my liking. so we headed South.

There was a local dolphin tournament today, so there were lots of small boats out fishing. Last week it was too rough for the smaller boats. That another reason I like it to be a little bumpy. Less competition. Anyway, I headed Southwest. We have a strong east current offshore right now. I knew I could get to the east if that was where the best fishing was. It doesn’t work the other way. If you start out to the east, you will never get very far to the west against the current. The east current tends to pull most of the fish to the east too, so I had the Southwest mostly to myself.

There was a lot of sargasso weed to work, but unfortunately, it didn’t have as many fish as I would expect. We ended up with 4 gaffers. The biggest fish was 14 lbs. Not a monster, but a nice dolphin any day.

Tomorrow I have the same folks. Not sure what the game plan is going to be. Hopefully, we’ll be offshore still catching dolphin. We will decide in the morning