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Fishing is still worth the effort. I won’t say it’s red hot, but we are still catching some dolphin as the summer comes to an end. Most of the fish are out deep. Usually in 700-800 ft of water. It’s tough to get there in a half-day, but if you have a full day or a 3/4 day, (6 hrs) we have enough time to get where the fish are.

The weather has been fantastic most of the summer. Yes, it’s been hot, but it has also been calm and sunny. It’s tough to complain about calm, clear, blue water and sunny skies. The fishing has been good enough. I won’t BS people. It could be better, but most days we are catching enough fish to make our customers happy.

Mid to late August is not the best time to come here if you are looking to load up a cooler. But if you are looking for a great day on the water, calm comfortable seas and enough fish for a couple of delicious dinners, it’s a great time to go fishing.

Today we ended up with three dolphins and a skip Jack tuna. We also released a couple of barracudas. Between the weather, the sunshine and the fishing, everyone had a fun day.

The current was starting to run. It was going a trickle to the west. That is not the best direction. West current usually means a counter-current to the Gulfstream. East is better, but some current, even if it’s to the west is better than no current. Hopefully, it will keep moving and if it’s moving west inshore, then somewhere out deep, it is probably moving East. It may be too deep to get to on an 8 hr trip. but it can move inshore in just a couple of days. Only time will tell.