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Today was not easy to start with.

There was one big beautiful line of Sargasso weed inshore in about 340 ft of water. It was a perfect a line as you could hope to find. Unfortunately, the only fish I caught on it were small dolphin and small jacks. We worked it for about a mile or two and headed south looking for a line with better fish.

As we headed south,

the Sargasso weed was very scattered out and difficult to fish. My mate could not keep a bait clean. We finally got clear of the scattered weed in about 750 ft of water, but once we were out of the weed we out of the fish, even the small ones.

We didn’t have a keeper fish in the boat by 10 am

and this was a 6 hr trip. I only had about 2 hrs of fishing time left. I had two very nice young men on board with their families and I was about to bore them to death with offshore fishing. That is not the kind of day any of us wanted.

In part out of desperation

and in part due to a radio report I overheard, I headed back inshore. To my amazement, all the Sargasso weed that had been spread out and difficult to fish had formed up into beautiful easy to fish lines. Most importantly, they had fish on them and some were “keepers”.

I don’t like to fish around a bunch of boats.

So I picked a line with no other boats on it and worked west.  We were finally in the fish with steady action. Some “throwbacks” and some keepers.

Silky Shark caught fishing offshore on The Southbound from Key West, Florida

We ended up with about 10 “keeper” dolphin

and released a small shark. We caught all of our keepers and most of our fish in the last hour or two. Sometimes it’s like that but you have to keep trying. With fishing, there are no guarantees, but usually, if you keep working it and don’t give up, we can make a successful day by the time it is over. It took a while today, but at least we found them.