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What constitutes a ‘successful day” varies depending on what the people are expecting. Most people have reasonable expectations. Naturally, as the guy that has to try to make their fishing wishes come true, I really appreciate the reasonable people. Today’s folks just wanted to catch enough fish for dinner. Any kind of good eating fish would do. Fortunately, there have been a few decent dolphin inshore the last week or so. There has been pretty good fishing out deep, but too far out for the half-day time frame they booked. We could have anchored and snapper fished, but there was no breeze and it is Hot! I choose to go looking for dolphin. Half a dozen fish and we would have a successful half-day today.

We ran out to about 400 ft of water and worked a slick with a little bit of sargasso weed, but we didn’t get any bites. I heard of a better weed line out deeper, but because it was only a half-day, I could not afford the time to troll out to it. It would take too long. So I picked up and we ran south for a couple more miles.

There was a nice weed line there and not a lot of boats on it yet. I like to start my trips at 7 am for this reason. Most of the other boats leave at 8 am. That extra hour can make or break your day sometimes.

We started trolling and hooked up almost immediately. Our first fish was a nice little bull dolphin about 8 lbs. One more of those and we would have dinner for all. We kept on that sargasso weed line for a couple of miles and picked up a few more fish. Because it was getting late, I started to troll north to give us more fishing time.

We picked up a few more fish trolling in and ended up with 5  “keeper” dolphin. Enough for a couple of good meals and enough so we could consider this a successful half-day today