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Summer in the Keys usually starts right at the beginning of June. I know the “official” first day of Summer is June 21st. Usually, it is dry and not so humid until the beginning of June. But this year, Summer in the Keys is starting early. Being in the tropics, and staying warm most of the year, most people consider Key West weather like summer all year round. If you live here, you can tell the difference. It’s not just the temperature. Yes, it feels hot for most visitors in the winter. Coming from somewhere up north where it’s cold and snowy makes our 70-80 degree winter weather feel great.

Locals like the winter temperatures for the exact opposite reason as the tourists. We like the 70-80’s because it feels cool and more importantly because it’s less humid. Compared to summer, most of us live a “chilly”  winter night in the low 70’s. It’s been a relatively cool spring, but I think it’s over. Temperatures are climbing, the humidity is rising and the rains are coming. That’s our summer weather in a nutshell: Hot, Humid and daily thundershower. the showers are great for my lawn and my orchids, but when you are out on the boat almost every day, the heat and humidity wear on you.

Being the Captain, I’m under the shade of the boat most of the day, but that doesn’t help with the humidity. That’s what really wears on you. I generally drink 25-40% more water on a summer day than I do on a winter day. You can’t help it,

Most people up north, look forward to the first warm day of spring. They haven’t felt the warmth of the sun for the long months of winter. Here, it’s just the opposite, I look forward to the first cold front in October. It means the end of the “Big Heat” of summer. The temperatures haven’t gotten quite up to our summer low to mid-’90s yet, but it’s not far off. That means we are looking at “summer” weather for the next 4+ months. Honestly not looking forward to it.

Unfortunately, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 30+ years on the water down here it’s you can’t change the weather. Mother Nature is going to do what she is going to do and you just have to deal with it. I will, but I’m looking forward to October already!