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We have been targeting Mahi

for the last few weeks. It is the time of year when they start showing up and right on schedule, the mahi are biting most days. We do have a late season Cold front coming tomorrow. The change in the wind and/or pressure might slow the Mahi bite for a day or so, but the front is not supposed to be strong or last long.

We have a pretty strong East Current

offshore right now. It is the Gulfstream moving in close to the reef. The Gulfstream is not stationary, it moves inshore and out. A small wobble in the Stream can mean it moves in over the reef or out 30 miles. While the East current up against the East wind does make it a bit more “sporty” offshore, it is good for fishing. There have been some Sargasso weed lines to work and a lot of birds to follow. Both are producing some nice fish.

The best Birds to follow

Are the Frigate Birds. These sea birds have incredible eyesight and will soar up high looking for pelagic fish to start feeding. Frigates cannot land in the water, even though they spend most of their lives at sea. Frigate birds will wait for baitfish, usually Flying Fish this time of year, to jump out of the water to escape predators. Frigate birds are incredibly agile and will pick off flying fish in mid-air. The flying fish can see the Frigate birds, but whatever is chasing them from below scares them more than the Frigate. So when you see a frigate bird low on the water it is a sure sign that bigger fish are feeding. Usually this time of year, that means the Mahi are biting!

We only had two anglers today

and we were fishing in State waters. The bag limit was 5 per person and we got our limit. We did a bit better a couple of days ago in federal waters. The bag limit is 10 per person in Federal Waters, but today the better fish were all inshore close to the reef



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