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Key West, Florida

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March 2004

March 29, 2004

Half Day Today and the Weather is

Warm…..Sunny……..and CALM!

Key West Barracuda


Key West Barracuda

Houndfish- an unusual catch !

Key West Mutton Snapper

Nice Mutton Snapper !

End of the day !

The last barracuda caught on a beautiful morning offishing !!

March 28, 2004

Full Day Today and thewinds are finally coming down!!

sharkbit jack

This would have been one of thelargest Yellow Jacks I’ve ever seen,
If a shark hadn’t decided it would make a nice snack !!

End of the day in Key West

Barracudas, Mackerel, Yellowtail Snapper and Half aYellow Jack

March 24, 2004

Half day today !

25-30 mph winds so we wentShark fishing

Nurse Shark

Released a nice sized Nurse Shark and lost a few others

March 22, 2004

Weather was good, but fishingwas still slow today

Key West Amberjack

Released a few Barracudas and  this nice Amberjack !

March 21, 2004

No trip today,
Slept in, made coffee and read the paper:

March 21, 2004

No trip today,
Slept in, made coffee and read the paper:)

March 20, 2004

Winds got stronger and the seasgot rougher today
and fishing was slower.

Still no sailfish, but it’s gotto happen soon !

african pompano

African Pompano

March 19, 2004

High winds and rough seas aremaking fishing difficult.

Conditions  for Sailfishare looking good, but the fish just are not here yet.Hopefully, they’ll showup any day

Key West Barracuda

In the meantime it’s mostly reef action

March 18, 2004

Offshore was rough and slowfishing today
But we had some decent reef action

Big Yellow Jack

14 lb Yellowjack

Key West Mutton Snapper

Mutton Snapper

Key West Barracuda


March 17, 2004

Beautiful Day Today !

End of the day

Dolphin, Wahoo andMackerels !

March 16, 2004

Key West Kingfish

King Mackerel by the Boat

Key West Kingfish

Kingfish on 20lb Test

End of the Day

Limit on Nice King Mackerel !

March 15, 2004

Full Day Today


Nurse Shark Released by the boat

Big Kingfish in Key West

24 lb. King Mackerel

End of the Day

End of the day

March 13, 2004

Half Day Today

Cravalle Jack in Key West

Cravalle Jacks

Key West Barracuda


March 10, 2004

Offshore Fishing is still slow and
the weather breezed up a bit today,

End of the day

But still plenty of good action on the reef with lighttackle !!

March 9, 2004

Half Day Today !

end of a halfday

Good Reef Action Today

March 8 , 2004

Good Action Today !!

Key West Barracuda
end of the day in Key West

Mackerel, Jacks, Barracudas and Yellowtail !!

March 7, 2004
Beautiful weather today, but very slow fishing

Big Cuda in Key West
 Carvalle Jack in Key West

Livebaited for Sailfish most of the day and never sawone.
Caught some nice barracudas and a big Cravalle Jack at the end of the day

March 6, 2004

Full day today

Key West Barracuda
Key West Barracuda

Livebaiting for Sailfish for Saifish was slow,
we released one,(but I didn’t get a picture)
and caught some nice Barracudas

March 2, 2004

High wind made for difficultconditions and rough seas,
but we caught a few anyway

Cravalle Jacks
Cravalle Jacks

Carvalle Jacks in the morning !

Key West Barracuda
Key West Barracuda

Barracuda’s in the afternoon

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