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Yesterday was a very tough day fishing.

Probably not the “best” business move to say on the internet that we didn’t catch a lot of fish. But it’s the truth and one of the reasons I started my website.

 I got tired of the BS I was seeing

on the ads and websites of other boats. Boats would have a picture of a good day that was from a couple of years ago. They post the pictures from the day they had a great catch and they would act like it was their everyday catch. I decided to put the pictures of our catch up every day. The good ones and the bad ones.

Not all the other charters post old pictures.

Most are like me. We try our best, but not every day will be “epic”, If you fish, you know that not every day is a good one. Some are good, some are great and some are not. Actually, I guess that is true in life in general. Not every day is a good one for teachers, executives, car salesmen, plumbers, etc….. Wait, I take that back. Most days are “shitty” for plumbers, For the rest of the business world, we have our ups and downs. You can’t let it defeat you.

It is important not to ignore a bad day.

you have to “own” it. To own it is not to be “proud” of it. I’m never proud or happy with a slow day, but it’s reality and you have to deal with it. You have to look and decide if you made a bad decision. If you did, you have to remember to not make that bad decision again.

Obviously, you can’t change the past,

Even though you feel bad and frustrated, you have to let it go and move on. I know in the morning, I will have another group of people looking forward to a day on the waters of Key West catching fish and having fun. Sometimes it’s people that have never fished with me and some times its repeat customers. My attitude has to be good. it’s not fair to them if it’s not. So I’m heading out tomorrow with a fresh start, great attitude and the intention of catching great fish for my customers.