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The wind was up and the catching was down.

It made for a tough day today. It wasn’t horribly windy. it was probably blowing 15-18mph, but it was blowing out of the east and directly against the current. That makes the waves bigger. The seas were about 3-5 ft. That is considered a bit “sporty” for the Keys in the summer. It felt even bigger probably because it’s been very calm lately.

There was plenty of Sargasso weed

to fish, but because of the wind, it was pretty scattered and difficult to fish. Between the two it was a tough day today for my mate. It’s a long day when you are constantly clearing the weed of the hooks, it a lot tougher when you have to do it bouncing up and down 3-5 feet.

There were not a lot of boats out

and we were out deeper than most. Most of the fish we found were too small to keep. The action was fun, we had two youngsters on board. They had fun just reeling them in, but we were hoping for more keepers.

The trip was originally supposed to be a full day,

but because it was a bit “sporty” and we had a 10 yr old girl not feeling well, we made it a 6 hr trip. By the end of the day we only 3 keepers and it didn’t look like things were going to improve.

It is amazing how different

the weather can be onshore compared to 12 miles out to sea. Offshore where we were fishing, it seemed to be pretty windy and as I mentioned the sea was 3-5 ft. When we got back to the dock, it was a pretty a day as you could ask for. The breeze was about 5 mph and you would have never guessed how bouncy it was while fishing. it was a whole different world.