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I know I have a great job. I get to go out on the tropical waters of Key West, Florida every day. That is my job. That is what I do for “Work”. Granted, it is work when your day is 12 hrs long and you sometimes 7 – 10 days in a row. But generally speaking, I get to have fun at work. Lately, there has been some great fishing. But it is fishing after all and some days are better than others, It was a tougher day today.

We decided to target Sailfish again today. We did that yesterday and got one out of two. But today was not yesterday. Yesterday, we anchored to catch live bait. The Ballyhoo, (baitfish) were on the chum bag before I could climb down the ladder. Today, the took a lot longer to show up and there were not many. I waited to see if more would show up, but more did not seem to be coming. So I threw the net to try to catch what we could. Better some live bait than none. It was a good idea, but even though I opened the net well, all the bait swam out from under the net. I threw 3 times and No bait.

We did catch one Yellowtail snapper and one nice Cero Mackerel while we were waiting on the Ballyhoo. So we had dinner for my customers if they wanted it.

Today was not yesterday. This was only a 6 hr trip, not a full day like yesterday. With less time, you have to make things happen a little more quickly or move on to the next plan. No bait meant we were on to plan “B”. Trolling with dead bait was plan “B”. I was ok with that. We have been catching some great fish this past week trolling with dead bait. We caught 1 sailfish, 4 Wahoo and about a dozen dolphin in the last week trolling. So, I figured we would have a shot at some good fish trolling. Yesterday, the boats that were trolling caught some Sailfish and some Wahoos.

Today was not yesterday. We trolled a long way without many bites and so did a lot of other boats. I talked to one boat that gambled on finding some dolphin offshore. He had not had a bite yet when we were on our way in. Ugh! I’ve been there and it’s no fun!

Time was running out and we had not caught a lot of fish, so I moved in on the bar, (outer reef) to see if we could catch some Kingfish, Mackerel or Barracudas. Fortunately, the Barracudas were willing to cooperate. We finished the day with some action and some decent sized Barracudas and one large Horse Eyed Jack. We released them all.

Large Horse Eyed Jack caught and released in Key West fishing with Southbound Sportfishing

It was a tougher day today!