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We had a full day again today

and we decided to spend at least part of the day looking for Sailfish. We stopped to catch some live bait first thing in the morning and I’m glad we did. So we spent part of the day trolling and live baiting for sailfish

There was a beautiful color change off Key West.

A color change is where blue offshore ocean water with lots of current meets the green inshore water that is tidal. It forms a tight edge and is great conditions for trolling and live baiting for sailfish and other fish. The sailfish have been biting better in the afternoon, so we trolled for the first few hours. I think we had another sailfish on. It was a big fish and pulled a lot of drag. I’m guessing it was a sailfish but the way it ran. But it got off so it really doesn’t matter.

We didn’t do much else trolling,

a bonito and half of a yellowtail snapper so we decided to set up and use the live bait we had. We only drifted for about 10 minutes when we had two sailfish up. We hooked one and the other one got wrapped up in the line and freaked. it happens sometimes. The sailfish we got was a full-sized fish. Over 7 ft long. It put up a good fight and a great show. One of the customers got a video which is in the video section of the website.

The color change looked great

and we saw 3 other sailfish. One was “tailing” along. That’s where the fish get on top and just swim along with the top part of their tail out of the water. We pitched a bait at it, but it didn’t eat. That happens sometimes. We had another sailfish come up on a bait. It lit up like it was going to eat, but for whatever reason, it gave up and swam on. That happens some times too. We call them “window shoppers”.

Sailfish and Dolphin caught on charter boat Southbound in Key West Florida
Any day with a sailfish is a good day.

They are a special fish. We did also catch a nice Dolphin on the live bait as well. Should make for a nice dinner for the guys and their wives.

I wish I was fishing again tomorrow.

Unfortunately, I have a bad cutlass bearing on the port propeller shaft and I need to replace it. I’ve made arrangments with a local boat yard to haul out late Friday and even though I’d much rather be fishing, problems like that don’t fix themselves. Running with it will only cause other problems. So to the boatyard, I go. I should be out on Monday and fishing again on Tuesday