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One thing about the weather this time of year, Usually it’s calm and sunny. The fishing can be up and down like any fishing can, but most people really appreciate the beauty of being on the ocean when the weather is beautiful and the seas are calm and the water is a beautiful blue.

It’s been a relatively dry summer. We have not gotten our normal daily thunderstorms. Every day is about the same calm, sunny and hot. I would complain about the hot part, but I probably won’t get much sympathy form the rest of the world. You never do when you live in Key West and complain about the weather, and to be honest, it’s probably justified.

So I won’t complain about the weather and honestly, the fishing has been decent most of the summer. We’ve had a few tough days and we’ve had some great ones. That is why it’s called fishing and not catching.

Today was on the tougher side. The water was calm but the fish were hard to come by. We did end up with 3 keepers and we did throw a couple back, but the current is dying and nothing is moving. That is not good for fishing. When the current is moving, it means you are fishing a “new” part of the ocean every day. Any weed or debris that was here today is 20-50 miles away tomorrow. The weed and debris you find today was 20-50 miles away yesterday so nobody has fished it yet. When the current stops, you find your self fishing the same weed patches and debris that someone else was fishing yesterday. And most likely they caught all the fish off it yesterday.

The other bad thing about the lack of current is that if the water is not moving the surface gets hot. I’ve seen the ocean temperature as high as 92′ out in 500 ft of water. That is too hot and the fish go deep. It hasn’t happened here yet and I’m hoping the current picks up again. but only time will tell.