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Fishing has been good and we have been “Whacking the Wahoo!”  the last few days, (get your mind out of the gutter). Wahoo are a tough fish to catch. Normally you lose about half the Wahoo that bite and you don’t always get a bite from a wahoo. Lately, we’ve been getting our fair share of Wahoo bites and we’ve been catching a better than average number. Yesterday, we hooked 3 and caught all three. Today we hooked 4 and caught 3.

We should have had a 4th Wahoo but we got swivel bit. it is not uncommon with Wahoo. “Swivel bit” is when a wahoo bites the swivel used to attach the wire leader to the monofilament line. This happens when a fish strikes and is running away from the boat. Wahoo are so fast that even a small swivel going through the water creates a little bubble trail. As the first fish is running, a second fish hits the swivel thinking it is a small fish. Wahoo have small but very sharp teeth and will cut the line when they do this. So, we had wahoo #4 on the line, but wahoo #5 bit the swivel and cut the line on us.

All 3 Wahoo were in the 25-35lb range. Nice sized fish. Occasionally we catch small wahoo. Under 15 lbs we call them “weehoos”. These were not “weehoos”. I’ve caught bigger, but I will catch 25-35lb fish all day long and you’ll never hear me complain.

We started out red hot this morning. By 9 am we had all three wahoos in the boat. A great start to the day and one of the big reasons I like to leave at 7 am while most of the boats leave at 8. In this game, sometimes the early bird catches the better fish.

In addition to our 3 nice wahoos, we caught about a dozen keeper dolphin and threw back about a half dozen short ones. One nice schoolie got bittne in half. People are not the only ones that think dolphin are tasty!

Nice “Schoolie” sized dolphin bitten in half while on the line

All in all, it was an excellent day. Looking forward to tomorrow and hopefully, we will be “whacking the wahoo” again!