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We only had a 6 hr trip today, but the fishing was very good out deep yesterday,  so I made the decision to go back to the area we fished yesterday anyway. It was really further than I should have gone on a 6 hr trip. Sometimes you have to send a little “over budget” on fuel to make a trip work. I ran out about 16 miles South West and I was off Western Dry Rocks in about 750 ft of water. Right about where I started the full day yesterday.

The weather was beautiful. Clear skies and calm seas. Almost no breeze, so it was hot, but then again, it is July in the Tropics. You have to expect it to be hot.

At first, I could not find the weed that was there yesterday. The ocean was clean. I also could not find the fish either. Eventually, we found large patches of Sargasso weed out deeper, but what a difference a day makes, Yesterday, we had the ocean to ourselves and there were fish on almost every patch of sargasso weed. Today, there were boats everywhere and there were very few bites. It was not just us, most of the boats were not getting much. and most of what was being caught was not “keepers” I did here of 2 blue marlin being caught. We saw one in that area yesterday so there are some around.

We ended up with 3 small ” throwback” dolphin. Not a very good catch. It was especially frustrating after having such a great day yesterday. We went further, worked more weed and fished deeper than we did yesterday, but to no avail. it looked good except for the lack of bites. I’ve said many times that the only thing consistent about the fishing is that it changes every day! And it did!

What a difference a day makes!

Hopefully, that will be true tomorrow