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For those that are wondering

if they should continue with planned vacations in Key West and for those that are considering making plans to visit Key West: Yes, we are open! The bars have reclosed, they were open for June, but now they can only serve alcohol for off-premise consumption. In other words, Drinks to go.

But Restaurants are still open

and most restaurants serve alcohol too and they can continue to do so. Other activities are up and running. The mask rule is in effect, but personally I haven’t seen anyone on the street being enforced. In a grocery store, Home depot, or tourist shops on Duval, you will have to wear a mask inside. While I’m not worried about the Virus, I have no problem wearing one as a courtesy to other people. It’s like holding a door for a stranger.

My boat and all the other boats I know

are running charters. I have had a small “second wave” of cancellations, but most of my customers are still coming,(thankfully). The weather has been great and the weather is beautiful. Fishing has been up and down, but a bit better the last few days. So I’m hoping it continues to improve.

I’m off today and tomorrow for maintenance,

I needed a break anyway and I’ve always been inclined to take care of problems promptly. Otherwise, things start to pile up and the next thing you know, you have big problems. I’d rather take care of things one at a time. I will be back up and running on Friday. My customer for Friday was one of my “second wave” cancellations so I am available at the moment, other than that I’m booked for the next 10 days.

So if you are thinking of coming to Key West

in July or August, Yes we are open and looking forward to helping visitors enjoy the water, the weather, the beaches, and Key West