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Catch of the Day

Reef Action Today

We stayed in close looking for Reef action today. We ended up doing ok eventually, but it was not easy. The water on the reef is not a good color, very green and not clear at all. worst of all there is very little current. Stagnant water is never good. Some movement...

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Dolphin offshore

We went back out fishing for dolphin offshore again today. The conditions actually looked better than yesterday, but there were not as many fish today. We had bad luck on a couple of keepers. They hit the deep troll and jumped off. Most of the time, you don't want...

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Offshore Fishing Today

We had a full day trip today and decided to go offshore fishing for Dolphin, (mahi). There have been a few dolphin around, but it's still a little early for the really good dolphin fishing. There has been a lot of Sargasso weed offshore and normally that's good. The...

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Some Yellowtails snapper for dinner

We just had a half day trip this morning. My customers decided they would like to try to catch some Yellowtail snapper for dinner for that evening. We anchored up on the reef to the west. Conditions were good. There was a gentle east wind and a slight west current....

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Bonitos and Black Fin Tuna

I mentioned in an earlier post that the Bonitos and Black Fin Tuna usually bite around this time of year. I had not seen many so far, but sooner or later, I figured they would show up. At least for today, they are here. We had a regular customer of mine and his...

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Fishing for Yellowtail Snappers today

Trolling has been tough, so we decided to anchor up and fish for Yellowtail Snappers today. My customers wanted action and dinner and were not worried about the size of the fish. This time of year that means fishing for Yellowtail Snappers. Conditions were good. We...

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2 Half Day Trips Today

 We had 2 half day trips today. So it was a busy day.  I wish we had enough time to look for some live bait, but there just isn't time on a half day. My people were not interested in anchoring and fishing for Yellow Tail snapper so we went trolling. Fishing was better...

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Back To fishing

I'm back from a few days at my hunting camp and back to fishing for a living. Fishing was a bit tough when I left. There was some severe weather in Key West while I was gone. We didn't get any of it at the camp even though it's only 180 miles away. Anyway, it didn't...

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Just Relaxing

Up at my hunting camp still. I've seen a few hogs, but haven't had a shot. That's ok, as it's just relaxing being out here. I don't know what it is, but sitting in a tree stand in the woods is getting to be one of my favorite places to be. We usually hog hunt in the...

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Taking a break from fishing

Heading back up to my hunting camp for a few days. We've been Busy so every once in a while I like taking a break from fishing and spend a few days in the woods on the Mainland. If you look back on the Catch of the Day you'll see other pictures from the Hunting camp....

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Fishing on the South Side of Key West

The Wind was back out of the North Today, so we were back to fishing on the South Side of Key West. Considered the Atlantic or Carribean as opposed to the Gulf Of Mexico. We've been fishing the Gulf Of Mexico for the last few days. But when the wind blows out of the...

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