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Catch of the Day

Non-stop action

We have been catching fish every day. There has been good action with small dolphin and jacks and enough "keeper" fish to make people happy. By the end of the trip, we have had enough action to make the "fun" factor where it should be and enough fish for people to...

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Good Action and Dinner

Different people have different expectations and goals when they go fishing. Some people are looking for that trophy "fish of a lifetime". Some people are just looking for a fun boat ride. Most people are looking for good action and dinner. My group today was like...

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Monster Dolphin

It has always amazed me how fishing can change from one day to the next. Yesterday we struggled early. Too weedy to fish and no fish when it was clean enough to troll for the better part of the morning. We eventually found fish in about 650 ft of water so today, I...

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Struggled early, but finally found the fish

Today was not easy to start with. There was one big beautiful line of Sargasso weed inshore in about 340 ft of water. It was a perfect a line as you could hope to find. Unfortunately, the only fish I caught on it were small dolphin and small jacks. We worked it for...

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Still dolphin offshore

The weather is great and there are still dolphin offshore to be caught. We've been fishing out deep most days. Usually between 400 and 700ft of water. There have been Sargasso weed lines of various sizes all throughout those depths. Plenty of places to troll along....

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Plenty of action today

We caught a lot of fish today. There was plenty of action. Unfortunately, many of the fish we caught were too small to keep. We did keep about 7 for dinner, but we probably released about 30. I would rather be catching "keepers" but you have to take what the sea gives...

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Tough day today

The wind was up and the catching was down. It made for a tough day today. It wasn't horribly windy. it was probably blowing 15-18mph, but it was blowing out of the east and directly against the current. That makes the waves bigger. The seas were about 3-5 ft. That is...

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More wind and a bit bigger fish

The wind picked up again today. It blew pretty good 2 days ago and then dropped off yesterday. This morning it had breezed up again. Nothing crazy, but enough to make it 3-4 ft seas. Sometimes you get more wind and a bit bigger fish and today was one of those days....

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Dolphin again today

Normally, this time of year, we are offshore fishing for Dolphin and whatever else wants to bite. Really the only other thing to fish for is Snappers and Sharks inshore. I'm willing to do either, it's my customers choice. Most of the people I have had this summer have...

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Still fishing and dolpin still biting

This week has been good. We are still fishing and the dolphin are still biting. The fishing has been pretty consistent the last week or so. There have been a decent amount of bites and fish from 400 ft of water out to the "Wall". Most of the fish have been under the...

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Dolphin still biting

It's been a strange year for fishing and the Dolphin fishing has not been "easy" this year, but we are consistently catching fish. We have been heading offshore most days looking for weed lines, bird activity and other signs of fish. Fortunately, most days we find the...

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Back offshore fishing for Mahi

Yesterday, I had some great regular customers of mine and as usual, we went offshore fishing for Mahi. I wasn't sure if they would want to go again today, but thankfully they did. After a brief discussion in the morning, we went back offshore fishing for Mahi. Fishing...

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