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Summer is over

The Summer is over and the reef fishing should start to get better as the inshore water cools Dolphin fishing seems to be mostly over for this year. We have not had any blue water offshore and no East current. Both of those are desirable for catching dolphin. For now,...

Late season Dolphin

Oct. 23, 2022 The summer of 2022 was not a banner year for Dolphin. We caught some fish, but we had to earn most of them. This fall, for whatever reason has been better than usual. I’ll take it. One thing I have learned fishing for the last 40 years is that you...

Good Reef Action

  Today we caught some live bait and fished the reef. We were looking for more eating fish than trophy fish. The yellowtail snapper and mutton snappers were cooperating and I’m sure a fantastic fish dinner was had by all!!