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A good afternoon of Tuna Fishing and

For those of you that have or had been following my website, it is obvious that I have not been keeping up. I got pretty busy in January, which is normal, but due to other reasons, my motivation to keep posting just wasn’t there. I did fish quite a bit between Jan. 4th, the date of my last posting, and late March when the Coronavirus shut everything down. So without trying to go back and recreate a fishing report from memory, here are some pictures of the fish we caught in the last few weeks.

A Great Sunset on the ride home

Nice Wahoo Today

Cold front forced us to fish in protected waters by we got a nice Cobia anyway

Big Barracuda

Black Fin Tuna

Sailfish Released

Great Day on The Water


Reef Action was good

Took A little Time off to meet up with some of my oldest friends and do a little hog hunting

Dos Rednecks

A couple of old high school buddies. I’ve known Tom in the middle since Jr. High and the Pete on the Right since Cub Scouts

Nice Black Grouper, but Season is closed so we released it

Big Barracuda

Big King Mackerel

Good Day On The Water


Great Day of fishing started with a great Sunrise

Big Yellow Jack

Big Kingfish


Great Day on the Water

Some Tasty Yellow Jacks are on the Reef

Kingfish, Mackerels and Mutton Snappers!

Big Barracuda

Nice Red Grouper but it’s out of season

A lot of fun and enough fish for dinner

This is a huge Ocean Tally

Went back up the Hunting camp for a few days

Got one the first night

Not to be outdone, By Buddy Artie got 3 with 2 shots

Got another one the last morning for a total of 5


Came back to a couple of days of good snapper fishing on the Reef

Released another “Keeper” Grouper

A few nice Yellow Tail Snapper