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March 7th, 2013

It’s been a tough year fishing so far. The ballyhoo came into the reef as scheduled in the fall and we caught quite a few. Since the first of the year, Bait has been a little tougher.

The past few weeks, we’ve had both unseasonably warm weather and very cold (for KW) weather. The good thing about the cold weather is that it has pushed the ballyhoo back out to the reef as the inshore water has cooled off. That’s the good thing. We should be able to catch bait with relative ease for the next few weeks. Finding something to eat them has been the hard part.

There have been some Kingfish up tight to the islands. A few Black Fin Tuna on the wreck and an occasional sailfish or Wahoo around. Even a few Dolphin, (Mahi) offshore if we get a day or two of the south wind.

March can usually be a bit of a tough month, fortunately, the wrecks are usually excellent with amberjacks and a few grouper, (which have to be released because they’re out of season until May 1) and some Mutton Snapper, (better eating than Grouper).

What has most of us really excited is that April is right around the corner and April is Sailfish season. For most of the Captains and mates I know, it’s one of our favorite times of year to fish. Last year was good, I’m hoping this year will be better. Only time will tell, but I’m excited anyway.