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Calm Seas, Blue Water, and some Eastbound current Today

Great conditions to Big and try to catch a Wahoo. The customers I had today were “fishermen” They were willing to go for a big fish when the conditions were right. We did this about a week ago and it worked. We got a 35 lb wahoo that day. I was hoping we would get more than one wahoo bite, but I would worry about the second bite after I got the first. The first one is always the tough one.

We had success in the West

on the last trip like this, so I decided to go west again today. That is where the majority of the Wahoo bites have been lately. I was hoping we could get another one as big as the one last week. That one was a very respectable 35lb fish. Once again we had great conditions to “Go Big”, now I just had to find the “Big” fish and hope it would bite.

We raced around

at about 81/2 knots with both lures and baits out. There were a lot of boats in the area I was fishing. Pretty much every fisherman in Key West knows that this was a good spot to find a Wahoo. It’s no secret. The Wahoos are usually there, They just don’t always want to bite. You have to wait them out. This is where patience pays.

After about 4 hrs of not really catching much,

we finally got a bite and it was a damn good one. My bridge rod start screaming as the line peeled off at a high rate of speed. We were pretty sure right from the start it was a Wahoo. It took about 300 yrs of 50lb line. Whatever it was, it was big. Fortunately, the angler was the most physically fit in the group. Fighting a big Wahoo or any big fish is not easy. Everyone wants to “catch”  a big fish, nobody ever says they want to “fight” a big fish. It can be exhausting.

70 lb Wahoo caught on Southbound in Key West

Big Wahoo

Sometimes when a Wahoo makes a blistering run

they will wear themselves out. They spend so much energy on their first big run, that they are “out of gas” for the rest of the fight. This one turned and started coming toward the boat. The angler did a great job keeping the line tight. A short while later we boated a monster 70lb Wahoo. That is the 4th biggest Wahoo I have ever had on the boat, (the others were 76,74 & 72lbs). Great conditions to ‘Go Big” and it worked agian