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We went big

on the first day, these folks fished with me. It worked as we got a 35lb Wahoo. Today, they wanted more action. Our goal today was lots of bites.That is the nice thing about having multiple days with the same customer. You can try different things. The reef has been good and the live bait has been easy. So we went to the reef south of Key West and anchored up. I figured we would catch some Yellowtail snappers while we were waiting for the bait to come in cast net range.

It didn’t take long

for the Yellowtail to start biting and it didn’t take long for the bait to show up. The Cero mackerel were right behind them too. We sat at anchor, catching Yellowtails and floating back live ballyhoo and the action was great. Lots of bites, which is want we wanted. When we are on the reef using live bait, we tend to use the lighter tackle so it’s more fun. Any size fish can be fun to catch as long as you gear your tackle to it. Cero Mackerel on 20lb spinning tackle is a blast! We picked up a very nice-sized Mutton snapper and also a very healthy Kingfish. My mate Edward called that one. He put a  big ballyhoo on the hook and pitched it out. As he was doing it, he wondered out loud if there were any Kingfish around. That bait got bitten in less than 30 seconds. He must have pitched the bait right in front of the Kingfish. He’s good!

A bucket full of Yellowtails,

One big Kingfish. a nice big Mutton Snapper, and a rack full of Cero mackerel. It was another good day. Plenty of fish to take home and steady action all day long. That’s the kind of fishing we like