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We had a full day trip and decided to go offshore fishing today. The wind has been East or Southeast for the last few days. Even though it’s late in the year, a Southeast wind might mean some Dolphin,(Mahi) around. With a Southeast wind, any debris or weed floating offshore should be pushed toward shallower water. There is a “cold front” coming on Sunday. It doesn’t sound like a very strong one, but it will switch the wind to the Northeast. That will push any debris holding fish further out to sea. We need the cold fronts, but needing them or wanting them won’t make it happen. We have to fish the conditions we have, not want, so offshore we went.

Seas were calmer today than yesterday. The wind was not as strong. That was a good thing. Yesterday was a bit rough and only a half-day trip. As we were going offshore fishing today for an 8 hr trip, calmer seas were welcomed.

Fishing was not red hot, but there were some dolphin to be found. We ended up with about a half dozen dolphin up to about 10-12lbs. Not a record setting catch, but it IS November. Definitely not prime time for Dolphin fishing.

We also caught a few small tunas, but they were not big enough to keep. It was a much prettier day and a much more productive day than yesterday. Not sure what tomorrow will bring. If the front comes in late, fishing should be much the same as today. If it comes in early, the ocean will be a different world on the ocean. It’s possible the front will not make it past Key West. That it will stall north of here. That has been happening so far this year. I hope that is not the case. We need the change in the weather. Only time will tell.