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We have been fishing later in the day this week

Most days leaving the dock mid-day and coming in at Sunset. We have been doing this because the Black Fin Tuna have been biting and they like to bite as the sun is going down. We have had 2 to 3 good days lately. It makes for a long day as I usually don’t get home until around 8 pm, (and I go to bed at 9 most nights). But if that is what it takes to catch the fish, I’ll do it, no problem. My 1st mate Edward is the same way, Neither of us likes fishing, we like catching.

Today I had some of my very favorite customers.

They started fishing with me the very first year I went into business back in 1992. They fished every year for the first 20 years or so. The last few years they haven’t been fishing, sometimes life gets in the way. But they made it back this year and I wanted to start off with a good trip. They invited one of my favorite tenants to go join them. They have gotten to know her over the years and wanted to catch up. I figured what better way than another good sunset tuna trip? It’s been working all week and the conditions have stayed the same. I had no doubt we were going to hammer some nice Black Fins today………………………………I was wrong. It was a bad day of tuna fishing

We fished the same area, the same wrecks with the same rigs and lures trolling at the same speed at the same time of day as we have on the last successful trips and never caught a Black Fin. Not one!

That doesn’t mean we had a bad trip

While we did not catch any Tuna, we did manage to catch 8 “winter” Mahi, one Wahoo, and some Bonitos. We ended up with a really nice catch of fish and truthfully, my customers prefer Mahi and Wahoo over Black Fin Tuna. Sometimes you can plan really well and nothing goes as you planned.


Sunset heading home on Charter Boat Southbound in Key West, Fl

Another good day and another Beautiful Sunset

We finished the day with another beautiful Key West Sunset and a great catch of Wahoo and Mahi on a bad day of Tuna fishing. I’ll take that any day!!