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Key West, Florida

Catch of the Day
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Sept. – Dec.2005

Dec 31st, 2005

Dec 30th, 2005

2 Half Days today

Dolphin and Bonitos in the morning

Dolphin and 2 Sailfish in the afternoon!!

Dec 29th, 2005

2 Half days today

Barracudas in the morning

Dolphin in the afternoon

Dec 28th, 2005

Excellent Day Today!!

Released 3 Sailfish!!

A couple of Barracuda

And Caught Some Tuna and a Dolphin!

Dec 27th, 2005

Dec 26th, 2005

Dec 24th, 2005

Dec 23rd, 2005

Dec 21st, 2005

Half Day Today

The weather was a little rough
so we stayed close inshore

Dec 20th, 2005

Half Day Today!

Black Grouper

Black Fin Tuna, Bonito, Grouper and Mackerel

Dec 19th, 2005

Plenty of Spanish Mackerel today!

Dec 17th, 2005

Full Day Today



Part of a Kingfish

A whole Kingfish

The end of another Good Day

Dec 2nd, 2005

Reef Fishing Today

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