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One thing I like about my job is I have many repeat customers.

Many days I’m fishing with friends, not customers. Yes, I’m getting paid, but I have gotten to know my repeat customers and I consider many to be friends.

This week, I had a family from Upstate NY

on the boat. They have fished with me before and this week they were back for more. We have had some good trips before,(which may be the reason they’re back), so I was hoping to have another good week with them again.

Once again they were here taking advantage of my 6-night Fishing vacation package. I knew I had 3 days of fishing with them, but to be honest, that did not lessen the pressure for a good day. Yes, I can “recover” from a slow day, but I would much rather just have 3 good days and we usually do.

For our first trip,

we elected to head offshore looking for Sailfish, Wahoo, Tuna, and possibly dolphin. December is not the best time of year for Dolphin. They are more common in the summer months when the wind is out of the south and pushes weed and debris toward the waters of Key West. This time of year, the wind is usually out of the north and any debris, or weed lines that would tend to hold fish, are pushed far offshore and out of range.

We did not have a lot of bites, but we were looking for specific fish and not just action. IT worked!! One of the first fish of the day was a beautiful Sailfish! We have some video, click here to view it on Youtube

We had a second sailfish hooked up,

but unfortunately lost it just behind the boat. Nobody did anything wrong, the fish just did something right and got away. We were going to release it, but it would have been nice to get the leader and a photo of the fish.

We did catch a nice Black Fin Tuna and some Cero Mackerel for dinner as well as a couple of Bonitos and Barracudas for fun and headed home happy at the end of the day


End of day 1 another good day!



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